Four Things that I’ve Taken from the Self-care Movement that Work for me

If you have an Instagram account (or even an internet connection), you know that self-care nowadays is enormous! With so many other brands promoting their self-care products it’s easy to get unmotivated and think that self-care is selfish or that it doesn’t work for you. But luckily, when you start to grasp the concept of self-care, you realize there’s more to it than bath bombs (although they’re great) and expensive pilates memberships.

Implementing little rituals and breathing techniques I’ve learned along the way has changed the way I see myself and has even made me a better person in retrospect. Obviously, this four things might not work for everyone but they are fun, effortless and inexpensive (most of them are free) so why not give it a try! I promise you have nothing to lose. But also, “self-care” also implies discovering what you like and what works for you. These things I find grounding but you might find them boring, or maybe they make you anxious, and that’s okay! self-care is all about what makes you happy.

1. Gratitude lists: This one has been a game changer. Every morning I wake up and have my matcha tea (trying to quit coffee) and write down ten (yes, ten) things I’m grateful for. When I started at first, I would lose my inspiration midway, but now it’s so easy! I write everything I can think about: my family, cats, good coffee (quitting coffee is not going so well), a walk around the park, a friend I saw, a lovely comment someone made, whatever makes you happy! The possibilities are endless. Also, once you start doing it continuously, you’ll see that your mindset changes and you start seeing things from a place of abundance and not scarcity (even in the difficult days).

2. Being happy for people that have things that I want: Ok, to be real with you this is a work in progress. Instagram can be a source of inspiration! It can also be a super dangerous place when you’re not ready to see pictures of people on their dream vacation, super toned body, and a successful business. I, personally, know that sometimes I have to take breaks from social media and just focus on myself, but something that has also been helpful is to get genuinely excited for people that have the things that I want. Hear me out, next time that you see someone having the best time or achieving something wonderful, wish them the best and send them positive vibes. Be glad for their success because the thing is, the fact that they can have it means that you can have it too! Also, I’m all for sending positive vibes and uplifting women doing awesome things.

3. Essential Oils: Yeah. I love my essential oils. I use lavender oil to relax, geranium oil, castor oil for my eyebrows and coconut oil for my hair. I haven’t personally tried this one yet, but people swear by rose ship oil for a flawless complexion!

4. Doing something/learning something spiritual: This might not work for everyone. I, for example, I have tried in every possible way to meditate, and due to my super scattered mind it hasn’t worked for me yet (I’m not giving up though) however, I have found other ways of being spiritual. For example, lighting a candle and setting an intention is an amazing way to start the day. You don’t have to be religious to be spiritual; you just have to find what works for you and ways to clear your mind when things are getting too stressful.

What are your top self-care tips? Do you also get tired from feeling that self-care is all about buying stuff? Do you sometimes wish you could quit Instagram for a while? Let me know in the comments!

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