3 Blogs to read or Body Positivity Inspiration!

You probably knew this, there’s a lot of negativity going around in beauty magazines, and blogs about how our bodies “should”look and what we should be doing (and not doing!) to look our “best.”Body positivity is a trend that is gaining popularity by the minute, but it is still not how publications sell magazines or write their articles. Magazines still sell an ideal body type, and they’re going to keep doing it, at least for a little bit longer. So, we have to come up with a plan B ourselves. Luckily, Instagram has got you covered. Yep, you read that right: Instagram. In reality, you know that it’s you who decides when you look your best (read more about my opinion about this here) but you know, and I know, that accepting this is not an easy task.

However, fret no, the internet is there for you. Fortunately, many bloggers are using their social media to talk about body positivity and being comfortable in their skin, and we are all here for it! So who are these Wonder Women who make the internet a magical self-acceptance place?

1. Body Positive Panda

If you don’t already follow her, please do it now! She’s an incredible advocate of body positive. Her posts are all about her daily life experiences and how she has managed to beat eating disorders and become her happier, healthier self. Also, she has a fascinating story. In the process of becoming more comfortable in her skin, she gained a couple of pounds, and she claims that she has never felt better: this was her true self. This is not something we hear very often. As a matter of fact, we hear the opposite: “To wear that swimsuit you have to loose those last 10 pounds…” and what if you’re already happy exactly how you are?

If you want more fantastic reflections to think about, please start following her: @bodyposipanda

Photo from Popsugar.com

2. The_Feeding_Of_The_Fox

Probably the most honest, bs-free feed that I’ve encountered. This woman will just tell you everything like it is! In her feed, you can find her thoughts about sex after struggling with an eating disorder, scars (a personal struggle of mine) body hair and you guess it: self-love.

Follow her at: @the_feeding_of_the_fox

3. Jessamyn Stanley

If you’re into yoga and body positivity, this is your girl! She talks about wearing shorts when people expect you to hide your legs ( a personal favorite post) about menstrual cycles( do we even talk about this enough?) sexuality and being able to do whatever you want at any size (because size is just a number, right?)

Photo from bandier.com

Do you have any people from the body positive people that you follow and you just love their posts? What do you think of these feeds? Please let me know in the comments!


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