My favorite coffee shop in Manchester

I’m addicted to coffee shops. I love listening to people’s conversations when I’m distracted and ordering cups of coffee like there was no tomorrow. If you throw some fairy lights and some adorable design items, I’m there!

Whenever I enter Fig + Sparrow, my first thought is that I want to live there. All the items they sell are gorgeous, and they help to make the place even more homely. Whether you need a birthday card, cups for your kitchen, or maybe even some colorful jewelry, here you can find it all in one place, adorably curated for you. The coffee is to die for, and they have a great selection of tea (my favorite is Moroccan mint). Also, let’s not forget: the cakes. They always seem to have a new selection of cakes every week—except for the brownies that thank God are always there! The best cake I’ve tried so far is the Carrot one, to die for, seriously. The bread that comes from Trove bakery is also a showstopper; my favorite is the dates one.

BUUUT someone once said that what makes a place unique is the people. This coffee shop is the perfect example. The staff is always smiling, asking you how your day is going and making excellent brews to get you through the day. This place is a Northern Quarter institution, or should we say a Manchester institution? I always love working here because they have a fantastic Folk music playlist and there’s always one or two people typing away. But obviously, coming here to have a coffee with a friend is also very enjoyable.

If you ever find yourself in Manchester’s city center, I advise you to go this not-so-secret gem. I must warn you, though, after your first visit you’ll want to come back every day.

Fig + Sparrow
20 Oldham Street
M1 1JN

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