My favorite things about Barcelona

Right! I love going to sunny destinations where is less likely to rain like in ehrm, England. Barcelona is one of my favorite places in the world, not only it is an incredibly beautiful city with fantastic weather, but it is also a place with so much to see and do. I know there are so many articles and guides on what to do in Barcelona, so I’ll just keep it simple and mention what to me is so special about this city.
One of my favorite things as well is the architecture but I feel so much has been said about this, I’ll let it out this time.

1) The food

Ok, so, quickly, repeat after me: Paella is not traditionally from Barcelona. Is not, for real. Spain is a vast country, and this means that each place has their traditional food. It will be difficult to get a good paella here but don’t worry, there are so many amazing things you can try instead. Let’s talk tapas. If you’re into hams, artisanal cheeses, patatas bravas, and olives, you’re in the right city. My favorite place to go is Quimet i Quimet. The travel guides are not wrong, this quirky, small place, is to die for. They make their own beer; I repeat: their own beer and they have a lot of wine options if you’re not into beer(seriously, though?) But the best thing they have is a montadito with salmon, cream cheese, and honey. By the way, you’ll probably have to eat on your feet and next to five other people but worth it!

2) El Born

If you’re into charming neighborhoods, this city is for you. There are many examples, but “El Born” is my favorite. This place is the perfect if you’re looking to do something alternative and cultural at the same time. In this neighborhood, you’ll find vintage stores, excellent coffee shops, bakeries, restaurants and the trendiest bars!

3) The coffee shops!

I love coffee. We all love coffee, and Barcelona is the coffee lovers paradise, seriously. There are so so many places that are pleasant to stay in, with great staff and amazing blends! If you’re not into coffee, don’t worry, many coffee shops in the city that offer other alternatives like chai lattes and juices. The coffee shop I liked the most of the ones I visited, was “Satan’s Corner,  although the name is a bit quirky, the blends are amazing, and it has such a relaxed/stylish vibe!


4) The nightlife

Right, first, a confession: I don’t like clubbing. I really, but like for real, dislike it. However, for some reason, I enjoyed going out in Barcelona.  The first thing you need to know is that people in Barcelona go out at  12 pm and some clubs close at 6 am. I don’t think I could handle this on a regular basis but going out in Barcelona is a one in a lifetime experience. It was so much fun just to meet people and talk to locals. People are really into dancing and is not uncommon to go to the beach after having a couple of drinks. If you’re staying in a Youth’s hostel is very likely that you’ll meet people and if not, most hostels organize night’s out. Even if you’re super tired from touring the city during the day, don’t miss out on this experience.

5) The long walks

I love walking in Barcelona. You can start at walking in the morning and when you realize it is already the evening. Probably is a combination of the beautiful streets and the lovely weather, maybe is also the charming places you can sit in for a while to just take it all in.  Skip the metro and take some long walks, your body,  and your eyes will appreciate it!

Ok, end of rant. Have you been to Barcelona? What were your favorite things? Let me know in the comments and contact me if you need more advice/ideas of where to go.

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